The Perfect idea for Teacher …. Chair Massage!

“Regina and all of the technicians she brought to our school were great — professional and friendly.  It’s not an easy task to transform a school gym into a tranquil spa environment, but Doorstep Day Spa brought everything to set the mood: quiet music, candles, chairs, and a soothing aromatherapy scent.”  Tefi M.

Teachers are on their feet, sitting in uncomfortable, too-small student chairs, or stooping and bending over all day long to reach children. They are always having pain in their neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet.  Forget the apply .. give them a chair massage at their workplace.

Correcting papers and typing on the computer for hours at a time, their hands and wrists are tired. They may develop tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

A thoughtful and appreciative PTA could put together a Chair Massage For Teachers Day. They could pay several massage therapists to set up chairs in the teacher’s break room to give each teacher a well-deserved chair massage. This would be much more appreciated than a plaque, some flowers, or chocolates. It would be great to do several times during the school year. Teachers will love it. Such a small act of kindness will be remembered by grateful teachers for a long time to come.

Doorstep Day Spa has an experienced staff and have served teachers for Teacher’s Appreciation day across the Southland.. Los Angeles County, Orange County and the inland Empire too .. We go to them.  We have the experience to help you plan your perfect gift .. call today! 310-548-3278

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